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Our mission is to empower consumers with information to make smart decisions. This Rumawip portal dedicated to helping first time home buyers find information about the best and latest RUMAWIP developments.

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We want to help Malaysians to invest in the best value property when making the decision for the first property.


We aim to sell you the most suitable RUMAWIP based on the following preference:

A) Location

B) Design & Concept

C) Developer Credibility


We are transforming the way Malaysian make first home-related decisions and connect with professionals.

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It starts with our living database; we aim to update and advise on the latest RUMAWIP launches and the latest informations relating to it


Buying Completed RUMAWIP Project
Due to the pandemic, foreign labourers have been in a shortage, SOP in construction site is in place, prices in construction materials have rise 30%…
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Divorcee Buying RUMAWIP
Due to the pandemic, there is a rise of enquiries from divorcee (female) on buying RUMAWIP (now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia). It is…
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Minimum Salary for RUMAWIP?
First of all this is not article to encourage or discourage you to buy a RUMAWIP now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia. This is…
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We assure you that our agents provide unrivalled client experience...
Adam Residensi Hijauan Pantai Owner

Hey Brandon, thank you for helping me buy my first home. Friendly service, trusted and helpful agency (Chester Partners Holding) that helped me from in selecting the house & keep me updated with the on going progress after purchasing. .mailpoet_hp_email_label{display:none!important;}#mp_form_popup4 .mailpoet_form { } #mp_form_popup4 form { margin-bottom: 0; } #mp_form_popup4…

ASHIDA Sky Awani IV Buyer

Before buying a house , I was given a good description of buying a house. All the information on bank loan payments was explained very well. The purchase of this house is completed by signing all S&P documents with a lawyer. Thanks to the developer staff.. Good luck … .mailpoet_hp_email_label{display:none!important;}#mp_form_popup4…

Jason Laman Seri Harmoni Owner

I would like to thank Isaac for helping me to secure a RUMAWIP unit at Sentul. His attentiveness and helpfulness has made the acquiring process runs smoothly. It was a pleasure dealing with him! .mailpoet_hp_email_label{display:none!important;}#mp_form_popup4 .mailpoet_form { } #mp_form_popup4 form { margin-bottom: 0; } #mp_form_popup4 p.mailpoet_form_paragraph { margin-bottom: 10px; }…

Fahmi Jamal SkyAwani IV Owner

Sangat senang berurusan dengan tuan…Penerangan yang baik sebelum membeli rumah..Memberi penjelasan yang terperinci sebelum membuat bayaran muka rumah..Menolong Dan sentiasa kemas kini maklumat tentang membuat pinjaman rumah kepada pihak Bank..Akhir sekali, akan ada sehingga tandatangan Dokumen S&P dengan Penguam… Terbaik Dan Menolong…  .mailpoet_hp_email_label{display:none!important;}#mp_form_popup4 .mailpoet_form { } #mp_form_popup4 form { margin-bottom:…

Tahirah Residensi Hijauan Pantai Owner

Brandon assist me in getting Residensi Hijauan Pantai, he is very helpful throughout the process in application of the loan to the stage of signing the of SPA. It didn’t end there, he even update me on the construction stages! .mailpoet_hp_email_label{display:none!important;}#mp_form_popup4 .mailpoet_form { } #mp_form_popup4 form { margin-bottom: 0; }…

Nor Farida SkyAwani IV Owner

Hi Elijah! I have started paying progressive payment few months ago. Since this is my first house purchased, I love to say thank you as I easily bought a RUMAWIP because of you. You have help me out from beginning. I’m not a tech savy person but you assist me…

Jane Ley Residensi Hijauan Pantai Owner

Brandon assisted me in purchasing this RUMAWIP. It is a verified, genuine purchase. He assisted on the submission on the required docs for the government approval, banking loan, arranging the signing of S&P, loan agreement & I am now waiting for the completion of this project. .mailpoet_hp_email_label{display:none!important;}#mp_form_popup4 .mailpoet_form { }…

Zoe Laman Seri Harmoni Owner

I knew Issac through, he is very kind and helpful person. He help me a lot not only in words but also in deeds such as applying the loan, submitting the documents to the government and helping me to follow up the process closely while keeping me informed. From…


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