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Telegram + RUMAWIP = Cash Flow

The majority of RUMAWIP is dense, and that can be a positive factor. Telegram here can be a useful tool for businesses looking to reach customers in a the same condominium. Here are some ways businesses can use Telegram for location-based marketing:

  1. Geo-targeted groups: Businesses can create Telegram groups based on location and invite customers within that area to join. This allows businesses to send targeted messages and promotions to customers in a specific region.
  2. Location-based bots: Businesses can create Telegram bots that use the user’s location information to offer personalized recommendations or deals. For example, a food delivery bot could recommend deliver to doorstep or lobby (offering breakfast)
  3. Location-based events: Businesses can use Telegram to promote location-based events and encourage customers to attend. This could include events such as group exercise trial within the RUMAWIP
  4. Location-based coupons: Telegram can be used to send location-based coupons to customers, offering discounts or special deals for a specific location. This can encourage customers to visit the business’s physical location and make a purchase. For example home facial.
  5. Location-based support: Businesses can use Telegram to provide location-based support to customers, babysitter services.

By utilizing Telegram’s location-based features, businesses can effectively target and engage customers in specific RUMAWIP, drive foot traffic to physical locations, and generate income!

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