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Sky Awani 2 Real Pictures!

All illustration are beautiful when is Photoshop. Below are the completed SkyWorld Sky Awani 2 pictures. There is a reason why Sky Awani was awarded the Best RUMAWIP Project at the Federal Territories Appreciation Night 2017.

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Sky Awani 4 VS The Valley (Type A)

Sky Awani 4 VS The Valley


Sky Awani 4 – RM 300,000

35 years tenure 90% loan repayment – RM 1,195

35 years tenure 100& loan repayment – RM 1,328

The Valley (Type A) – RM 380,000

35 years tenure 90% loan repayment – RM 1514

35 years tenure 100% loan repayment – RM 1,682


Sky Awani 4

  1. Guard House (Ground Floor)
  2. Childcare Centre / Taska (Ground Floor)
  3. Surau (Ground Floor)
  4. Convenient Store (Ground Floor)
  5. Funeral Room (Ground Floor)
  6. Playground (
  7. Meditation Deck
  8. Fern Garden
  9. Sunken Tree Longue
  10. Swimming Pool
  11. Leisure Lounges
  12. Convenient Store (Ground Floor)
  13. Convenient Store (Podium 10th Floor)
  14. Outdoor Shower
  15. Wading Pool
  16. Gymnasium
  17. Female Changing Room
  18. Male Changing Room
  19. Management Office
  20. Chit Chat Longue
  21. Jogging Path
  22. Landscape Area
  23. BBQ Area
  24. Multi-Purpose Hall

The Valley

  1. Olympic-Length Infinity Pool (Ground Floor)
  2. Jacuzzi Cove (Ground Floor)
  3. Pool Deck (Ground Floor)
  4. Wading Pool (Ground Floor)
  5. Mezzanine Deck (Ground Floor)
  6. Outdoor Shower (Ground Floor)
  7. Changing Room / Sauna (Ground Floor)
  8. Orchard Forest (Ground Floor)
  9. Savory Garden (Ground Floor)
  10. Wellness Path (Ground Floor)
  11. Garden Lounge (Ground Floor)
  12. Lantern Pod (Ground Floor)
  13. Power MMA Gym (Level 1)
  14. Crossfit Gym (Level 1)
  15. Squash Court (Level 1)
  16. Aerobic Studio (Level 1)
  17. Dance / Yoga Studio (Level 1)
  18. Changing Room (Male/Female) (Level 1)
  19. Chill Out Lounge (Level 1)
  20. Canopy Walk (Level 1)
  21. Kindergarten (Level 1)
  22. Surau (Male/Female) (Level 1)
  23. Rock Climbing (Level 9)
  24. Forest Veranda (Level 9)
  25. Function Banquet (Level 9)
  26. Outdoor Hall (Level 9)
  27. Dream Chamber (Level 9)
  28. Hammock Groove (Level 9)
  29. Serene Glades (Level 9)
  30. Acupressure Path (Level 9)
  31. Tea Pavillion (Level 9)
  32. Zest Gym (Level 9)
  33. Badminton Court / Table Tennis (Level 9)
  34. Changing Room & Sauna (Male) (Level 9)
  35. Changing Room & Sauna (Female) (Level 9)
  36. Sierra Playpark (Level 9)
  37. BBQ Corner (Level 9)
  38. Outdoor Lounge / Dining (Level 9)
  39. The Playroom (Level 9)
  40. The Kid’s Corner (Level 9)
  41. Laundry (Level 9)
  42. Sky Party Lounge (Sky Deck)
  43. Breeze Lounge (Sky Deck)
  44. Sky Theatre (Sky Deck)
  45. Family Lounge (Sky Deck)
  46. Sky Jacuzzi (Sky Deck)
  47. Sky Laze Bed (Sky Deck)
  48. Meditation Deck (Sky Deck)
  49. Skyline BBQ Deck (Sky Deck)
  50. Stargazing Deck (Sky Deck)
  51. Family Lounge (Sky Deck)
  52. Sky Dining (Sky Deck)
  53. Sky Theatre (Sky Deck)


Sky Awani 4

Block A1 – 596 units / 13 units per floor

Block A2 – 571 units / 13 units per floor

Block B – 615 units / 13 units per floor

The Valley

Tower A – 460 units / 12 units per floor

Tower B – 360 units / 11 units per floor

Tower C – 489 units / 11 units per floor


Sky Awani 4

Schools / Colleges

  1. Sri Utama International School – 1.5km
  2. TAR University College – 3.7km

LRT Stations

  1. Wangsa Maju Station – 3.5km
  2. Sri Rampai Station – 3.8km

Shopping Mall

  1. Setapak Central Mall – 2.2km
  2. SURIA KLCC – 5.0km


  1. Columbia Asia Hospital – 1.6km


  1. Titiwangsa Park – 5.0km

The Valley


  1. SK Setiawangsa – 1km
  2. SMK Taman Keramat – 1km
  3. SK Taman Keramat 2 – 1.3km
  4. Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Amin – 1.7km
  5. SMK Taman Setiawangsa – 1.8km
  6. SK Datuk Keramat 1 – 2.9km
  7. Fairview International School Taman Setiawangsa – 3.1km
  8. Fairview International School Kuala Lumpur – 3.8km

LRT Stations

  1. Setiawangsa Station
  2. Jelatek Station
  3. Dato’ Keramat Station
  4. Damai Station

Shopping Malls

  1. Giant Supermarket Setiawangsa – 450m
  2. Aeon Mall AU2 – 450m
  3. Great Eastern Mall – 3.2km


  1. Gleneagles Medical Centre – 3.6km
  2. HSC Medical Centre – 4.5km


  1. Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat
  2. Ampang Hilir Lake Park

Parking Space

Sky Awani 4

  1. 1 Parking Slot Per Unit (additional purchase not available)

The Valley

  1. Minimum 2 Parking Slot Per Unit

Take note : The Valley is equip with Automated Waste Collection System (better hygiene) & is compliance with QLASSIC (better build quality )

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10 Reasons First Time House Buyer Choose RUMAWIP

1) MUST BE 1ST TIME HOUSE BUYER – Unlike PR1MA condition, applicant or his/her spouse is allow to apply this as a second home, in other words it is wiser to choose a RUMAWIP over a PR1MA property given the choice when you purchase your first house. One can’t purchase a RUMAWIP when applicant or spouse own a property.

2) All RUMAWIP property are usually comes a bare unit. That enable the you to be able to design the unit almost from scratch. One can decide on the kitchen design on whether to add on an oven (you need 4 mm wiring and to conceal this in a bare unit is achievable) to the type of wardrobe whether build in or plug n play; one can choose. In Malaysia, we all need air conditioner 24/7 and choosing an inverter AC is going to save you money. Inverter air conditioner, the speed of the compressor varies to ensure energy efficient operations and precise cooling or heating as required which save 30-50% electricity consumption. Not only that, when an AC compressor is able to adjust itself according to the need of the room temperature it prolongs its lifespan (efficient) just like if your smartphone is always heating up like my Nexus 6P; it burnout faster.

3) Buying a RUMAWIP which is an affordable housing for moderate and low income earners who live and work at Wilayah Persekutuan, cost will always be in consideration before making any decision. Renovating a bare unit is far more cheaper than renovating a sub sale house or changing the design a fully furnish new property as removing things and replacing it definitely cost more. One can take up this opportunity in Hong Leong Bank with a 6% flat interest rate to renovate your home (lowest in the market) as OCBC no longer offer Renovation & Refurbishment Loan as far as I know. With a mortgage payment that is cheaper than the rental in the same area; additional monthly repayment for a renovation loan is obviously more preferable compare to paying rental which in in end you are just paying for someone else property.

4) You get to choose and make sure you are buying a RUMAWIP that is of a residential title (50% cheaper utilities bills) ! With a low mortgage payment and cheaper utilities bill, renovating your first house into your dream home is easily achievable! In my opinion Skyworld Sky Awani 3 is one of the best choice one can make.

5) Have you went for Adrian Wee Real Estate Course? One thing he teaches is property doubles its value every ten years. For Eg, you bought Sky Awani 3 for 300k and monthy repayment is of RM 1,500 average. 10 years down the road; it’s value usually rise to 600k. What if Adrian is wrong? It went only to 450k! You can refinance it for say 70% and that is 315k! Whether it’s for the kids college fund or another investment; it’s up to you! Or do you choose to save that money using your monthly salary?

6) Rental income? Yes if only you are moving away from the city to work or your business is relocating. The beautiful thing about this is, it only can be rented by Malaysians. Therefore we can conclude that a RUMAWIP will never be a run down residential filled with drug dealings or any kind of vice activities.

7) Balloting? Nope not all are through balloting, Skyworld Sky Awani Series is through selection. Whether is at the top floor or the bottom, facing east or west is totally up to you!

8) Low class? Nope! Skyworld Sky Awani 3 won 3 Award, it is even equip with a roof garden which most RUMAWIP or PR1MA won’t come close to having one. Sky Awani 4 is with a viewing deck.

9) Lack money for deposit? RUMAWIP pricing is cap at RM300,000 which qualify you for My First Home Scheme in other words 100% financing from bank.

10) Loan approval concern? Property like Sky Awani 3, with two loan rejection letter or rejection from the RUMAWIP authority; you will get a full refund for your deposit!

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