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10 Reasons Malaysian Love RUMAWIP!

1) Price cap of Rm 300,000 & monthly instalment is often cheaper than renting. (Price did not go up!)
2) For the first 6 to 7 years after moving in, all residents are Malaysians. (NOT ALLOWED to be rented by foreigners within 10 years from S&P stamped date)
3) Always placed in Wilayah Persekutuan and never in an outskirt region.
4) The size may be up to 900 square feet.
5) There are three bedrooms and two bathroom in each RUMAWIP (some affordable housing programme can be a studio which is not suitable for long term occupation)
6) Has at least one parking lot (there is option to purchase a second parking lot if available)
7) It is sometimes placed near a million ringgit property (for eg. Dutamas Dahlia)
8) It’s difficult to identify the difference between an RUMAWIP and an RM500,000 condominium. (For an example, look up Vierra Residence)
9) It maybe FREEHOLD (Dutamas Dahlia and Vierra Residence are FREEHOLD)

10) The application procedure is straightforward; simply subscribe to our Telegram Channel and you will be notified when a new project is launched. Then text us and we’ll assist you through the process for free.

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