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Buying Completed RUMAWIP Project

Year 2022: Current Situation

Due to the pandemic, foreign labourers have been in a shortage, SOP in construction site is in place, prices in construction materials have rise 30% across the board which have slow down the development of RUMAWIP projects (now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia). The demand for completed RUMAWIP projects is increasing and the reason is unknown.

Where to find completed RUMAWIP projects?

First of all, is not the place to source completed RUMAWIP projects. In order for you to buy a completed RUMAWIP project in 2022, you can only buy from auction or from an existing owner (you must be able to accept that is not a new property). The price tag RM 300,000 (some are cheaper) is the reason many desperate buyers is looking for RUMAWIP.

Firstly you have to google the RUMAWIP developer’s name. From there look for their previous projects. Aset Kayamas for example is a biggest player in building RUMAWIPs. Just go to their website and look for their list of projects and search it out in iProperty or PropertyGuru.

Cost to buy completed RUMAWIP project

Please take note that you may need to prepare 10% deposit for auction property and

First Home
SPA Legal – absorbed by Dev
MOT – Waived
Loan Legal & Disb – roughly 4.5k
Stamp Duty – Waived
Total Cost – roughly 4.5k
Not First Home
SPA Legal – absorbed by Dev
MOT – roughly 6k (pay when VP)
Loan Legal & Disb – roughly 4.5k
Stamp Duty – roughly1.5k
Total Cost – roughly 12k

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