How to Book a RUMAWIP?

“The Official Way:

Just click on this link, JWP, to be directed to the official government website. From there, you can select the available projects and apply accordingly. After applying, you’ll need to wait for approval. Once the project is approved, the developer will contact you for viewing, and if you wish to proceed, you can apply for a loan. Alternatively, you can visit the gallery to view the project and apply for a loan concurrently with the application for government approval. The developer’s contact number is always provided on the website. All of this occurs after developer successfully obtain the APDL (Advertising Permit and Developer’s License).

The Kiasu Way:

Please note that the 110% home financing program, My First Home Scheme, which was backed by CAGAMAS, has been replaced with the SKJP loan. Currently, only Maybank and RHB actively provide this package in most RUMAWIP (Residensi Wilayah) projects. It’s important to understand that banks usually finance 25-30% of the project initially, with an increase occurring when the quota is met. This increase typically takes an average of 2 weeks from the time the bank manager submits the application after the quota is full.

If there are only two banks providing the SKJP package for RUMAWIP projects, we can conclude that as the sales of a specific RUMAWIP project reach 50-60% of the total units, the process may slow down. This is because more than 90% of RUMAWIP buyers opt for full financing, which means that buyers can’t be selective about loan packages. As a result, those who can afford the 10% down payment will be able to secure units easily. As for examples, these two RUMAWIP projects Dutamas Dahlia was fully taken in 2 days, and Alamanda (located close to Bangsar) was fully taken in less than 7 days, just to name a few examples.

So, what do we, as experience RUMAWIP agents do in this situation? We help you in

  • providing you the insider news before APDL is released to give you the first mover advantage
  • loan pre-approved (there is limited quota for FULL FINANCING)
  • prepare your documentation
  • lock your prefer units with the developer
  • brief you on what to look out for when buying a BARE UNIT condominium such as a RUMAWIP

We earn by successfully getting you your desired units therefore, we will always do our best to assist with the purchasing process.

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Elijah is an esteemed real estate agent who has dedicated his expertise to the RUMAWIP program since 2018. With a reputation for unwavering honesty, he navigates the real estate landscape with straightforwardness and analytical insight. Alongside his role as a real estate agent, Elijah shines as a marketing consultant collaborating closely with RUMAWIP developers. His dual perspective and commitment to affordability make him a trusted figure in the industry, consistently guiding clients and stakeholders toward informed decisions and successful outcomes.

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