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Low Cost Marketing Solution for RUMAWIP Property Developers

Rumawip.Com.My is a is a platform that connects potential buyers with the latest real estate listings & insiders information. A cost-effective and high-impact marketing solution for your Residensi Wilayah property developers.

The portal boasts a significant email newsletter (18,500) and telegram (13,000) subscribers list as of 6th of August 2023, which are high quality leads unlike leads from social media. By using this property portal to market your affordable housing projects, you can cut costs associated with traditional advertising methods and reach a wider audience. This will help you avoid the high payout commissions that you would get from using the traditional methods and filter out low quality leads from social media ads.

In addition, my portal also allows for easy tracking and measurement of your marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights and data to inform future marketing strategies. This will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and thus you can then optimize your investments in marketing. We use our experience in RUMAWIP sales to educate potential clients on how to prepare for bank loan applications months before they begin their purchase, which reduces sales turn-around time by reducing workload and making the selling process more efficient.

By utilising this property portal, you will see an increase in interest and sales for your affordable housing projects and definitely contribute positively to the process of obtaining the bridging loan as we are unrivalled in speed reaching your target audience. Please WhatsApp us if you would like to discuss this opportunity further.

  • Reaching more than five figure numbers of client within 24 hours (NOT social media leads)
  • Potential buyer are filtered for JWP & Bank Loan (educated months before they make purchase)
  • Prevent the delay of sales when hundreds of applicants without bank loan stuck awaiting for approval in JWP
  • Cost control ( One off charge without timeframe and NOT charge by cost per lead)
  • Unrivalled turn around time, proper SOP focusing on being efficient. (most developer got delay in having too much JWP approval, used up quota for banking loan with not serious buyer)

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