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MOST PRACTICAL RUMAWIP (2023) : Vista Adesa Residensi Desa Timur

  • Proximity to Highways: Strategically situated near major highways such as the KL Seremban Highway, Sungai Besi Highway, Salak South Highway and MEX Highway, residents enjoy seamless commuting and easy connectivity to their desired locations. (Save Time)
  • Hassle-free Parking: Residensi Desa Timur provides direct access to parking level, eliminating the frustration of circling around in going the upper level. This convenience saves residents valuable time and ensures a daily stress-free parking experience. (Save Time)
  • Efficient Vertical Transportation: With 1218 units and 12 lifts, Residensi Desa Timur ensures a decent lift-to-unit ratio, minimizing waiting times and enhancing convenience for residents. (Save TIme)
  • Embracing Minimalist Living: With its smaller unit sizes, Residensi Desa Timur encourages residents to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, promoting a clutter-free living environment and a more intentional way of living. (Save Money)
  • Encouragement for Home Cooking: While eateries may not be within walking distance, this encourages residents to explore their culinary skills and enjoy the benefits of home-cooked meals. This is especially beneficial considering the rising prevalence of diabetes in Malaysia, where a low-carb, home-cooked meal is a healthier choice. (Save Money)
  • Curbing Excessive Online Shopping: By embracing minimalism, residents are encouraged to control excessive online shopping, fostering a sustainable and mindful approach to consumption. (Save Money)
  • Essential Facilities: Residents have access to basic facilities, including a rejuvenating swimming pool and a well-equipped gymnasium, providing opportunities for relaxation, fitness, and well-being. (Save Money & Time)
  • Enhanced Safety and Comfort: The absence of a mid water tank ensures middle-floor residents are safeguarded from potential water leakages and sound pollution, creating a secure and serene living environment.
  • Adapting to Changing Economic Landscape: Residensi Desa Timur, being a RUMAWIP development, is an ideal choice for Malaysians facing challenges such as inflation and job mobility. Its affordable pricing ONLY RM 300,000 and emphasis on minimalist living enable residents to save money and adapt to a more streamlined lifestyle.

Residensi Desa Timur the latest RUMAWIP located Sungai Besi MAY NOT BE YOUR DREAM HOME but it is definitely an exceptional RUMAWIP development that offers residents the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and minimalist living. With its strategic location, easy highway access, and thoughtful amenities, this residential gem provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to embrace a simpler lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of convenient urban living.

The common mistake of first time home buyer is they choose to buy their first house close to their workplace; the problem is most of these people change their jobs before moving in. Residensi Desa Timur is located in between Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan (1st RUMAWIP in Sg Besi); even during peak hours one can reach anywhere in PJ or KL WITHIN 1 HOUR! Residensi Desa Timur is for Malaysian who sees the coming challenges as the middle class, bracing for impact for the coming recession. A location that enable you to be versatile, ever ready to accept an offer letter which offers you 15% increment without much thought of the journey to work, sufficient lifts, a direct access to level for you to speed off the work, highways to practically anywhere where the jobs are located, encourage to cook because you don’t have the convenience to eat out within walking distance and there is facilities like the gym and pool for you to exercise too!

The downside is

  1. Aesthetic of the building average.
  2. Flipping for profit from capital appreciation may not be ideal as there is plenty of land around this project.
  3. Lack of public transportation (Salak South LRT Station 12 minutes walk)

Please WhatsApp us if you wish to visit the gallery.

Elijah is an esteemed real estate agent who has dedicated his expertise to the RUMAWIP program since 2018. With a reputation for unwavering honesty, he navigates the real estate landscape with straightforwardness and analytical insight. Alongside his role as a real estate agent, Elijah shines as a marketing consultant collaborating closely with RUMAWIP developers. His dual perspective and commitment to affordability make him a trusted figure in the industry, consistently guiding clients and stakeholders toward informed decisions and successful outcomes.

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