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Understanding Wiring in RUMAWIP

All RUMAWIP (currently known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia) comes with

  • 13 Lighting Point (uses 1.5mm copper wire)
  • 20 13A Power Point (uses 2.5mm copper wire
  • 2 15A Power Point (uses 4mm copper wire)
  • 4 Fan Point
  • 1 Water Heater Point
  • 2 AC Point
  • 1 SMATV Point
  • 1 Telephone Point
  • 1 Door Bell Point

1.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4mm wire sizes are commonly used in residential electrical wiring, including in RUMAWIP unit. Here are some general guidelines for the use of these wire sizes:

1.5mm wire: This size of wire is typically used for low-voltage circuits such as lighting circuits.

2.5mm wire: This size of wire is typically used for circuits with higher current demands, such as those for larger appliances like refrigerators and microwave. It may also be used for circuits that need to run longer distances, such as from a circuit breaker panel to an outlet on the other side of the room. Generally in RUMAWIP you will need at least an additional circuit for an extra power outlet for a water filter, an air fryer and probably a steamer.

4mm wire: This size of wire is typically used for high-current circuits, such as those for heavy-duty appliances like high powered air conditioning units, those big ovens & if you are using storage water heater. It may also be used for long runs of wire or for multiple circuits that are bundled together.

The key to reliable wiring lies in the workmanship & the brand of wiring you use. Mega Kabel is the number one choice for copper wires in Malaysia.

It is important to use the appropriate wire size for the intended use of the circuit to ensure safety and prevent overloading. Always consult with a licensed electrician or an experience one as they are as good! Remember the electricians no matter how good they are, they are not going to buy you the best materials. Your local Chinese electrical shops with long lines of blue-collar workers are the best place to get your electrical supplies.

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