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15 Common Problems in Buying RUMAWIP (2022)


PTPTN Payment Default

The top reason Malaysian fail to purchase their dream RUMAWIP is due to the default on their PTPTN payment. Many banks have been lenient towards the applicants for mortgage by only requesting them to pay up their PTPTN payment up to date. Nevertheless if this happens to you when developer request for a bank letter of offer before allowing you to reserve an unit of RUMAWIP, you will definitely miss out if the project is in high demand.

Payslip for Self Employed?

The maximum cap on income for RUMAWIP applicant for single is gross income of RM 10,000 & for married couple is gross joint income of RM 15,000.  The common issue here is that there is two ways to show your income to Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan; one is your company bank statement. KWP recognise your cash inflow into the company bank account and they have no way to deduct your cost which often reflect an inflated income. So I suggest that self employed individual should alway pay themselves a salary with epf contribution, this will have a higher chance of approval from KWP if one salary is below the guideline. 

Changing Job

Due to the rising cost of living, many Malaysians are switching jobs more frequently in order to get a higher salary. This is one reason that hinder a person buying a RUMAWIP when it comes to loan application, it’s rejected due to fail bank scorecard or the interest rates for the bank loan offer is higher than average.

No CCRIS Record

It is advisable to have at least a record of borrowing in the bank such as a credit card. Minimum outstanding to none, this is a plus when it comes to applying a housing loan. When an individual have no record with the bank, loan maybe rejected, interest maybe higher or at times more documents such as a degree certificate maybe requested by the bank.

Upfront Cost for Self Employed

Please take note that self employed is only eligible to a maximum of 90% housing loan (excluding the MRTA/MLTA).  A preparation of a minimum of RM 30,000 deposit is necessary before buying a RUMAWIP. Often there is lawyer fees involve too!

Password & Email Address Forgotten

During an unofficial launch of a RUMAWIP project, that is the time where serious buyer gets to reserve the best unit according to their personal preference. Often the final step to secure the unit is to obtain approval from Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan within a specific timeframe set by the developer and quite a number of RUMAWIP applicant have lost their password to the KWP portal together with their email address which delay the approval process causing them to miss out on their RUMAWIP purchase.

DSR Fail

DSR stands for Debt Service Ratio. If a person is taking 100% financing for their first home known as My First Home Scheme, DSR must be below 60%. If a person is earning RM 1000, bank approval can only be obtain if his/her existing loan payment combine with the monthly instalment for the housing loan they apply is below RM 600 / 60%. Monthly instalment for a RM 300,000 RUMAWIP for 35 years is averagely RM 1,400. Click HERE to understand this better.

High Credit Card Utilisation

It is advisable to keep credit card utilisation as low as possible. The basic guideline is utilisation at 50% max. If you have 1 credit card which have a limit of RM 1000, you should not use more than RM 500 within that month. If you have 2 credit cards, each RM 5000 limit; best to keep both usage below 50% / RM 2500 and below. Remember the lower the utilisation the better.


It’s a common practice among real estate agents to push for sales using the fear tactic “unit running out soon” to rush potential client to book the unit! As for RUMAWIP projects, it is not an empty threat especially for the Non B.umi buyer. The over supply of residential high rise many seen in the media report is not inclusive of RUMAWIP projects. (Bumi Lot often sell slower) Most RUMAWIP projects quota is 50% BUMIPUTERA & 50% for NON BUMI.

Income Not Recognise by Bank

Ride sharing driver, food delivery rider & individual with payslip without EPF contribution will not be able to secure a housing loan as the income is NOT recognise by the banks. A joint applicant for the mortgage maybe needed if you fall in these categories (must be family member for most banks).

Inexperience Agent

Experience is crucial in grabbing a hot selling RUMAWIP. For example, Residensi Armani (Bukit Lanjan) sold out in a week. The real estate agent experience will contribute positively in this kind of scenario. Experience applicant are the ones who wins most of the time as they truly understand the need to speedily provide all the necessary documents to the agent and bank personnels. 

Bonus Month

As mentioned above, max gross income for a RUMAWIP applicant is RM 10,,000 & RM 15,000 for married couple (or joint applicant between family members). KWP take in consideration of every amount shown in the salary slip & some applicant receive their yearly bonus at the time of application for approval from KWP. This often end up causing the application to be rejected as KWP may recognise this as a quarterly bonus & view the applicant as high income earner.  In RUMAWIP our agents are equip to deal with this type of issue.

Self Submission

Many first time applicant opt this method to apply directly from the government portal when the project launches. This is a legitimate way! The problem here one may face is, at times developer requires a pre approved loan before forwarding your application to KWP ( yes , your application goes to the developer before it is forwarded to KWP), when you are not inform you will be delay or even miss out on it! A client once refuse to apply for the loan first, bypass the agent and lodge a formal complain on the pre approval loan condition. This causes the developer to just forward his application to KWP without proper follow up, it was rejected & our agent are not aware of it until it’s too late! Please take note, when a RUMAWIP agent request that you apply for the mortgage; he/she will gain nothing until you sign the Letter of Offer, Letter of Agreement & S&P Agreement. IT IS NEVER THE REAL ESTATE AGENT IDEA TO APPLY FOR THE HOUSING LOAN BEFORE SECURING AN UNIT NUMBER BUT THE DEVELOPERS. Lodging a formal complain against the need to have a Pre Approve Loan won’t be the RUMAWIP Developer best interest.  This is not to make applicant’s life hard but there is a quota for BUMI & NON BUMI, property developer want those who is able to secure the loan to obtain the approval from the government or it will delay the sales of the project (when individual who is not able to secure the housing loan hold up the quotas when approved).

No Insider News

Having the first mover advantage is the key to purchasing your ideal RUMAWIP.  Subscribe to our RUMAWIP TELEGRAM CHANNEL for insider news to stay ahead! We will prepare you ahead of the new launch & you can be certain that there is no scammer in our team!

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RUMAWIP Sharing at Ebid Motor Sdn Bhd


This is a summary of the sharing in Ebid Motor Sdn Bhd on 22 February 2022 concerning RUMAWIP’s eligibility , pros & cons of RUMAWIP ownership, cost of buying RUMAWIP, strategy for mortgage repayment & the process of of buying RUMAWIP.

What is RUMAWIP?

RUMAWIP is stand for Rumah Mampu Milik Wilayah Persekutuan rebranded as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia is an affordable housing scheme providing comfortable, quality and affordable home to all Federal Territory citizen or Malaysians that is working in Federal Territory.

Who is Eligible to buy RUMAWIP?

Government T&C for Applicants

  • Malaysian age 21 & Above
  • Born / Stay / Work in Federal Territory
  • Individual Gross Salary of RM 10,000 or below (Married joint income of RM 15,000 & below)
  • Must NOT own a house in Federal Territory (ownership by inheritance is allow)

General Bank Requirement for My First Home Scheme (110% Home Financing)

Applicant must not own a house or have an existing housing loan under his/her name.

DSR 60% or below

Gross salary of RM 5000 & below (applicable to most bank but NOT all bank)

Pros & Cons of Buying RUMAWIP


Upfront cost usually close to nothing (most of the time) & MOT RM 6,000 (RM 300,000 unit) waived for first time buyer

Price at RM 300,000 or below for a 3 Room 2 Bathroom 800-900 Sqft Condominium is a Value Deal

Average Monthly Loan Payment of RM 1200 for RUMAWIP is considered affordable

Most RUMAWIP project’s facilities is acceptable and attractive


Comes with only one parking

Buying additional parking lot is subject to availability and via own savings /  EPF AC 2 and NOT BANK FINANCING

Rental – Only allow to rent to Malaysian within 10 years after S&P is stamped.

Selling – Only allow to be sell

The Real Cost of of Buying RUMAWIP

Renovation -All RUMAWIP is sold as bare unit. It is equip with the wiring but not the fittings. Buyer need to set aside average of RM 15,000 for renovation.

Maintenance fee -The average charges for maintenance fee is RM 0.25 per sqft. A 800 Sqft RUMAWIP will be RM 200 per month. 900 Sqft RUMAWIP will be RM 225 monthly.

Electric Bill – This depends on your usage and please ask if it is residential title or commercial title! Commercial title is 2X the price.

Water & Indah Water – This is the least cost compared to the above.

Backup Plan for Mortgage Payment

As this sharing is in Ebid’s Workshop, I have suggested a backup plan for the employee to fall back on. As most of the audience are single, renting out the rooms in the RUMAWIP purchase can be an option to lessen the burden on the monthly loan payment. The if usually more applicable to the male owner as they can easily find male housemate that ride a bike (limited parking space).

Abandoned Project?

An attendee ask, can RUMAWIP be as one of the abandon project? The answer is YES. Will the government get involve? This is a government initiative from RUMAWIP to Residensi Wilayah to Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia; despite the rebranding and change of government; it was always gaining bipartisan support from all political parties. The government will always bail out RUMAWIP projects if any abandon!

Process of Buying RUMAWIP

The process of buying a RUMAWIP is differ from projects to projects. The traditional way is to apply through the government website which is quite a hassle as you need to upload quite a bit of documents or you can directly contact us as we handle all the processes for our client free of charge. We will still have to apply for approval from KWP and bank loan which we will assist from A to Z!

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Buying Completed RUMAWIP Project

Year 2022: Current Situation

Due to the pandemic, foreign labourers have been in a shortage, SOP in construction site is in place, prices in construction materials have rise 30% across the board which have slow down the development of RUMAWIP projects (now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia). The demand for completed RUMAWIP projects is increasing and the reason is unknown.

Where to find completed RUMAWIP projects?

First of all, is not the place to source completed RUMAWIP projects. In order for you to buy a completed RUMAWIP project in 2022, you can only buy from auction or from an existing owner (you must be able to accept that is not a new property). The price tag RM 300,000 (some are cheaper) is the reason many desperate buyers is looking for RUMAWIP.

Firstly you have to google the RUMAWIP developer’s name. From there look for their previous projects. Aset Kayamas for example is a biggest player in building RUMAWIPs. Just go to their website and look for their list of projects and search it out in iProperty or PropertyGuru.

Cost to buy completed RUMAWIP project

Please take note that you may need to prepare 10% deposit for auction property and

First Home
SPA Legal – absorbed by Dev
MOT – Waived
Loan Legal & Disb – roughly 4.5k
Stamp Duty – Waived
Total Cost – roughly 4.5k
Not First Home
SPA Legal – absorbed by Dev
MOT – roughly 6k (pay when VP)
Loan Legal & Disb – roughly 4.5k
Stamp Duty – roughly1.5k
Total Cost – roughly 12k
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Divorcee Buying RUMAWIP

Divorce & RUMAWIP



Due to the pandemic, there is a rise of enquiries from divorcee (female) on buying RUMAWIP (now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia). It is understandable housing is the main concern of a divorcee especially if one is a mother.  This article is written to spell out the challenges face by a divorcee in buying a RUMAWIP and to suggest the solution to these problems.


The common scenario is the individual often female in the process of divorce will rush to buy any RUMAWIP! Due to the pandemic, there isn’t any completed RUMAWIP to be purchase so there is no need to rush to find one. Now when one haven’t complete the divorce procedure, the individual is officially married. If one would want to buy a RUMAWIP, the person should and need to apply for approval as a married person in the Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan portal. Please take note it is legal to obtain approval in KWP as married but SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreeement) and mortgage under an individual husband or wife name . This maybe awkward to request all the documents from the person you are trying to divorce but it is the best solution. It is also fair, if the other person who wish to buy a RUMAWIP for themselves can apply later on as a divorcee. Another way around is what I warn people against is to apply as single before the divorce process is finalise. One application maybe terminated or maybe ban when KWP do a check up! 


As an official divorcee, during application for KWP approval one just have to select “duda” for male or “janda” for female. This applies to widower or widow too. This is the recommended way to apply and it is to your best interest not to mess with Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan as appealing will not be a straight forward task.

DSR (Debt Service Ratio) & Bank Scorecard

Most RUMAWIP buyer is usually first time home buyer, they often ask what is the minimum salary to apply for RUMAWIP? To be more precise, it is the DSR that the bank look at. The maximum bank loan tenure is 70 years, which means if you are 35 years old or below you can opt for 35 years housing loan tenure. If you are older, its 70 minus your age = maximum housing loan tenure. For example if you at 35 of age earning a net income of RM 4000 (after deducting EPF & SOCSO) and is currently paying a car loan say RM 500, RM 500 + RM 1200 (average montly payment for a RUMAWIP loan 35 years) = RM 1700. The way to calculate is RM 1700 divide RM 4000 = 0.42 / 42%. The DSR requirement is 60% and below as most buyer are utilising the program “My First Home Scheme”. At 42% a person will most likely able to secure the housing loan. Bank scorecard is another roadblock one may face. For example, if you are a divorcee with 3 children and your DSR is at 55% with a net income of RM 4000; you may be rejected as what the mortgage personnel reply as “scorecard reject”. No banks will ever disclose the scoring mechanism in the scorecard nor it is the same with all banks . Therefore if you are in this scenario, just apply the housing loan with more banks. Please subscribe to the telegram link to be updated with the latest RUMAWIP project & always deal with an experience agent from in order to successfully secure your favourite RUMAWIP unit!

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Soundproofing RUMAWIP

Soundproofing a small RUMAWIP can be a challenging task, but it is possible with the right materials and techniques. Here are some steps you can take to soundproof your RUMAWIP unit:

  1. Identify the sources of the noise: Before you can effectively soundproof your RUMAWIP unit, you need to identify the sources of the noise. This could include neighbours, traffic, or external construction.
  2. Seal any gaps or cracks: Gaps and cracks in the walls, floors, and ceilings can allow noise to pass through. Use weatherstripping or caulk to seal these gaps and reduce noise transmission.
  3. Install heavy curtains or blinds: Heavy curtains or blinds can help absorb sound and reduce noise transmission through windows.
  4. Use door sweeps and thresholds: Door sweeps and thresholds can help seal the gap between the bottom of your door and the floor, preventing noise from entering or leaving your condominium.
  5. Install soundproofing foam or panels: Soundproofing foam or panels can be installed on walls, floors, and ceilings to absorb and reduce noise transmission. These materials can be effective, but they can also be expensive and may not be suitable for all types of condominiums.
  6. Use rugs or carpets: Rugs and carpets can help absorb sound and reduce noise transmission through floors.
  7. Use white noise: Playing white noise, such as the sound of a fan or the ocean, can help mask unwanted noise and create a more peaceful living environment.
  8. Consider using soundproof windows: If external noise is a major issue, you may want to consider installing soundproof windows. These windows are designed to block out noise and can be an effective solution, but they can also be expensive.
  9. Talk to your neighbors: If the noise is coming from your neighbors, it may be helpful to have an open and honest conversation with them about the issue. They may not be aware of the noise they are causing and may be willing to work with you to find a solution.
  10. Contact your building management: If the noise is coming from external sources, such as construction or traffic, you may need to contact your building management or local authorities to see if there is anything that can be done to reduce the noise.

By following these steps and using the right materials and techniques, you can effectively soundproof your RUMAWIP unit and create a more peaceful living environment. Remember to be patient and persistent, as soundproofing can be a challenging task and may require some trial and error.

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Minimum Salary for RUMAWIP?

Answer: A person (Age 35 & below) with net Salary of RM 2500 without any debt or credit card usage who pay a monthly housing loan of RM 1400 (average RUMAWIP monthly payment) DSR is at 60% within the DSR requirement of My First Home Scheme (110% financing mount). However it is still subject to approval.


First of all this is not an article to encourage or discourage you to buy a RUMAWIP now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia. This is written to help first-time home buyer to make a sound decision on whether to go ahead or not to buy an unit of Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia (RWKM). The most common question Malaysians ask is “What is the minimum salary to buy a RUMAWIP?” That is a inaccurate question to ask. The right question is “What is the acceptable debt secure ratio (DSR) to buy a RUMAWIP?”

Debt Service Ratio (DSR) & My First Home Scheme

Most buyer of (RUMAWIP/RWKM) is taking up My First Home Scheme which is a 110% financing from the bank for first time house buyer . For eg. En Saiful age 35 earns a nett income of RM 2,500 and decided to buy a RM 300,000 (RWKM). His debt service ratio based on 4% interest rate for a 35 years loan is 53% (rough figure RM 1328.32 monthly without including MRTA/MLTA financing). The chances of approval for the housing loan is high as max DSR is allow to be 50% (normally).  If En Saiful would have go ahead and take up the loan, after vacant possession his loan payment will be RM1328 or more which left him with RM 1172 to spend (if he doesn’t earn more by then). The average cost for maintenance fee is RM 0.25 per square feet x 800 sqft (smallest RUMAWIP / RWKM) will be RM 200. Now En Saiful is left with RM 972 for electricity bill, water bill, transportation cost & food cost. In this scenario, En Saiful is signing a death contract if he proceed to buy a (RUMAWIP / RWKM). One should ask “Should I buy a RUMAWIP? before asking “What is the debt secure ratio (DSR) to buy a RUMAWIP?”.

Mortgage Payment & Renting Out Rooms

Now we have to understand that it is legal to rent out the RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia to Malaysians even if it is within the 10 years after S&P is stamped. If En Saiful is single, he can choose rent out the two room to cover for some mortgage payment! If buyer is a female, let’s call her Ms Lim earning the same salary as En Saiful. Can she rent out the two room to cover for some mortgage payment? Yes she can! But it is much harder to execute than to say as all RUMAWIP have one allocated parking lot (unless buyer purchase extra parking lot which is subject to availability & payment is by own reserve cash or from EPF AC 2), the two housemate must either use public transport or ride a motorbike which is most likely a male. Ms Lim will not likely opt to stay with the opposite sex as house mate. So this idea to buy and share the house favours Male as it’s harder to get the right housemate for female RUMAWIP owner. Not to mention about race & location that truly matters. Say En Saiful bought a RUMAWIP in Cheras and opt to rent out the rooms, he wouldn’t want a non muslim as house mate as it is really difficult to share the kitchen with a non muslim which we can conclude it is harder as we know Cheras is a Chinese majority area. But if he buy one RUMAWIP in Bangsar South, it is probably a better option for En Saiful.

RUMAWIP as Investment : Gender & Rental Market

This chapter we explore on buying to rent out as backup plan as I personally do not believe in property investment in 2022. The common selling point is mortgage payment plus maintenance fee is RM 1600-1800 which can be cover by rental income. True? Yes and No! It depends on the location, please do your own research! (please be reminded there is renovation cost involve)

Targeted Tenants

Family With Single Car Ownership / Dating Couples (unless you manage to buy an additional parking lot, bravo!)

  • It’s not an easy task to rent out a house to a family in Malaysia with one parking lot. You need to research on the other option of parking space for your tenant if you don’t own an additional parking space. As for those RUMAWIP owner who did purchase an additional parking space, you have a major advantage to rent out your unit (provided your RUMAWIP’S location is in demand) & most RUMAWIP owner have only one parking lot. After vacant possession (you need to do renovation, all RUMAWIP is a bare unit). Another thing to consider is  if you are of a certain religion and your tenant share the same faith as you do, which forbid “fornication” and is threaten by authorities; will they rent the unit from you if they are in BGR (boy girl relationship)?

Single Male Tenant

  • The chances of three male and only one person have a car & the other two person are riding a motorbike or relying on public transportation is rare. Let’s say you have two parking space, there is still lacking one more parking lot for the tenants. I don’t know am if this is a fact, based on my observation people who drives hangs out with people who drives and bikers hangs out with bikers. If this is the case, it is to your best interest to market as room rentals (MALAYSIAN ONLY). iBilik is where you do your research on your room rental rates on this 😉 Please take note that many single people do rent the whole unit to themselves and with the RUMAWIP rentals, it directly competes with higher end studio apartment. The advantage is always the size and the standardised RUMAWIP specs; 3 bedroom 2 bathroom! Project from SkyWorld Awani’s Series no doubt are able to compete with the Bangsar South Studios facilities, built quality & rental price too! (high end project have better lift though)

Single Female Tenant

  • On this market segments, we can conclude there is less female motorcyclist compared to male. If your RUMAWIP unit is NOT near public transportation, getting tenants from this segments is going to be a harder. We are aiming for individual to rent the whole place for this unless the RUMAWIP is walking distance to the LRT like the Taman Melati RUMAWIP , which probably easier (do your own research please) to market as room rentals.​


Now that it is clear that buying a RUMAWIP is no simple matter, the most important question one must ask is “Should you buy a RUMAWIP?” There is no simple answer to this, you have to take in consideration your income, job stability, personal needs, location preference (you don’t always get to choose your favourite location, for example: Bukit Lanjan’s Residensi Armani is of Malay Reserve Land & it sold out within a few days) Now we move to the next question “Why Not Rent First?” Many have answered me this that it’s better to pay for your own house’s mortgage compared to paying rental! Think again! Calculate again! Evaluate again! It maybe true for some people but definitely not for everyone! Did you come across RUMAWIP completed just a few years ago available in iProperty through auction?


It is true that some fail to pay their housing loan for RUMAWIP! But the on other side of the coin is owning a RUMAWIP is truly affordable to most people. Malaysia that is full of jobs like food deliveries & Grab driver can easily service their RUMAWIP’s mortage payment unless that individual is heavily in debt (in case one lost his or her income, as deliveries/ P2P driver usually won’t be able to secure the housing loan if apply individually). Most RUMAWIP is at RM 300,000 and offer full fledge condo facilties (save money from joining gym or etc). It’s really a VALUE DEAL if it is for own stay! There is RUMAWIP that is of cheaper price like RM 230,000, I humbly suggest don’t go for it. It is usually full of building defects.


The conclusion of the matter is this! YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Buying a RUMAWIP Value Deal may or may not be THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU! Your own holding power matters, location matters, your interior design matters, your purpose of purchase matters, your backup plan matters & the amount of your parking lot you have truly matters LOL! So I hope all of you will ask the right question before buying a RUMAWIP from me! It’s not the question on How Much is the Minimum Salary to buy a RUMAWIP? but you should ask Should you buy a RUMAWIP (now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia)?

Please subscribe to the telegram channel to be updated with the latest RUMAWIP project & always deal with an experience agent from in order to successfully secure your favourite RUMAWIP unit!

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Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia VS RUMAWIP

rumawip scammer

Introduction (Sales Website RUMAWIP VS Government Residensi Wilayah)

First of all  is NOT related to any government agencies. It is created to be a portal to purchase a Residensi Wilayah project where is the official government website to apply for a Residensi Wilayah formerly known as RUMAWIP (NOT Rumah WIP, rumahwip, rumah wilayah or rumah waiwp ). As of 11 October 2021, this program have change it’s name again to Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia. You can save yourself the hassle to keep up with the names and focus on the MCO phases which is personally confusing enough. By applying through us we can assist you with the common issue faced by applicants for this program (FREE OF CHARGE)

Below are the few problem that we may be able to assist: 

  • Most first time home buyer and real estate agents are still referring it to RUMAWIP even after the name change to Residensi Wilayah on 1st February 2019 and many are not aware that it is now called “Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia”. By visiting us frequently or subscribing to our email updates, owning your first home will be simplified!
  • Secondly there are countless misleading advertisement.  Below is one of the example of the misleading advertisement. No Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia is allow to be price above RM 300,000 or size above 900 sqft. Just by subscribing to our email list, you will be able to keep track on this affordable housing program!
  • Waiting for the official website to announce new project. You probably won’t make it to secure any unit! Below is a perfect example how many fail to get this unit even if they try on the first day it launch. This project by Syarikat Perumahan Pegawai Kerajaan Sdn Bhd according to . But you need to contact SP Setia the main company to place the booking as developer often set up a new company to built a Residensi Wilayah project. Another example is Skyworld Development Sdn Bhd have set up SkyAwani 5 Sdn Bhd to built SkyAwani 5! 
  •  Advertising Permit and Developer’s License (APDL) – This must be obtain before developer start its marketing campaign to reach you, but the people related one way or another to the developer have already receive the insider news such as agents here at . Pre registering before a project is launch will give you the first movers advantage such as selecting the unit first. For eg. corner unit, high floor, facing east and etc

Eligibility (Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia)

Individual who wish to apply for Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia must first check own eligibility. The normal way will be going to and read through all the below information


or you can directly whatsapp us and we will advise throughly!

Most Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia applicants are going for My First Home Scheme NOT H.O.C (Home Ownership Campaign). We will assist you to apply for My First Home Scheme which provide 110% financing for first time house buyer. Officially this is for employed individual age 40 & below whose income is RM 5000 & below, but there is exception to this. We can only advise based on each project specifically.

We always prepare our clients for the best CCRIS record before the official launch in order for them to secure the housing loan at the best possible interest rates!

Income calculation method from Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan is no simple matter! Especially for the self employed who provides company bank statement, individuals who have large bonus, commision based or with commision are best to book with experience agents as many applicants have gotten themselves ban for a year from applying when they do it themselves. It always better to plan ahead with us than simply uploading your documents for approval without our guidance. One can’t simply expect the Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan (KWP) to understand a company bank statement on the an exact profit, quarterly release commission which display high amount on specific month and many more grey area that will affect one application of Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia negatively.

Applying for Approval for Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia

Most property developers requires bank loan approval and government approval before you can reserve your unit in any Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia Project. Below are the documents one must prepare, edit into proper format, putting it in order before uploading it in the Residensi Wilayah portal. Time is not a luxury you have! Here in we assist you in all these free of charge. Most of our clients selected their preferred units hassle free!


Therefore we humbly suggest and conclude that buying through us at will result in a higher change of success rate in obtaining your first home by being better prepared by our experience real estate agents , our effort to go the extra mile in handling all your paper work & better rate for your housing loan.

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scammer noun[ C ]   informalUK  /ˈskæm.ər/ US  /ˈskæm.ɚ/  someone who makes money using illegalmethodsespecially by trickingpeople



YB Dato’ Seri Dr. Shahidan bin Kassim, Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan telah menjenamakan semula Residensi Wilayah sebagai Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia (RWKM) semasa sesi Perbahasan Titah Diraja di Dewan Negara pada 11 Oktober 2021. Keputusan ini selari dengan konsep ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ yang menekankan kepentingan keluarga sebagai institusi terkecil terpenting dalam membina masyarakat. Penjenamaan ini menggambarkan kepentingan pemilikan sebuah kediaman yang selesa dalam pembentukan kesejahteraan sesebuah keluarga &

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Residensi Wilayah Application Manual

Apply Residensi Wilayah


Residensi Wilayah Portal

User Manual 1

CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION ……………………………………….. ………………………………………….. … 2


3. APPLICANT PROFILE / PROFILE UPDATE ……………………………………. ………… 7

3.1. Personal …………………………………………. ………………………………………….. …….. 8

3.2. Occupation …………………………………………. ………………………………………….. … 10

3.3. Couple …………………………………………. ………………………………………….. … 12

3.4. Couples Work ………………………………………… ………………………………. 13

3.5. Children …………………………………………. ………………………………………….. ………… 15

3.6. Property Details ………………………………………… …………………………………………. 17

3.8. Validation …………………………………………. …………………………………………. 18

4. PROJECT APPLICATION ………………………………………. ………………………………. 19

4.1. Project Screening ………………………………………… ………………………………………. 20

4.2. Apply for a Project ………………………………………. .. ………………………………………… 21

5. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS ………………………………………. …………………………… 23

1. INTRODUCTION a. Residency Territories are a government entity below Ministry of Federal Territories in charge of provides online services for home applications in the vicinity Federal Territory.

b. The main users of this portal are the general public regulated by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and Ministry of Federal Territories (KWP) for supply works and reporting.

c. The following is an overview of the Residensi Wilayah Portal interface after you are browsing the website


a. Browse the Regional Residence Portal by entering the following URL address in a web browser: b. At the top right of the portal page, click the ‘Register’ button or click thebutton ‘Register Account’ in the middle right of the portal page.

c. After reading the guidelines and eligibility requirements, click the ‘I Am Eligible’ button’

d. On the account registration form page, in the ‘Eligibility’ section, tap on the ‘I have read and agree to the terms’ box mentioned above. I confirm that I meet all Eligibility Requirements set by the Residensi Wilayah ‘.

e. On the account registration form, in box No. Identity Card (New) try enter an identity card number that exceeds 12 characters.

f. On the next page, fill in the required information completely use the example information below and click the Register button.

i. No. Identity Card: 86116XXXXXX

ii. Password: abcd1234@

iii. Repeat password: abcd1234@

iv. Citizenship: Citizen. v. Email:

vi. Marital Status: Married (if any)

vii. Gross Household Income: 20000 viii. Residence Postcode: 09300

ix. Workplace Postcode: 09300

x. Click Subscribe for news related to Regional Residence (if necessary)

g. Once the Register button is pressed, if the registration is successful, you will be taken to a personal profile account.

h. In the user account view, click the icon at the top right of your screen and click Log Out. i. To return to the main page, click the Sign In button at the top right of your screen or click “Sign In” in the center right of the screen.

h. In the user account view, click the icon at the top right of your screen and click Log Out. i. To return to the main page, click the Sign In button at the top right of your screen or click “Sign In” in the center right of the screen.

j. Select Applicant, enter identity card number and password that you use during registration in the box provided. Click Login.


a. Browse the Residensi Wilayah Portal by entering the following URL address in a web browser:

b. Click sign in.

c. On the login page, users are required to enter identity card number and Password that have been set during registration and press login.

d. The User Profile view is displayed.

e. Click on the applicant’s profile in the menu on the right.

3.1. Profile

a. Fill in all the required information. If there is a * symbol on profile filling field, you MUST fill in the information (MANDATORY). However, if the * sign is not displayed, you are allowed to clear that information otherwise concerned.

b. By default information such as Identity Card No., Date of Birth, age and the postcode was filled in automatically through the system. Although however you can still amend the information except No Identification card.

c. Applicants are required to fill in all fields for a residential address. On mailing address field if the same as the residential address, the applicant can click on the ‘Same as residential address’ checkbox and automatically the residential address will be copied to the mailing address.

d. If the applicant presses the YES button in the ‘Are you People with Disabilities (OKU) ‘, the applicant needs to choose the type of disability.

e. Press ‘Save and Continue’ when you have finished filling in the information.

3.2. Occupation

a. The job information display is displayed. If the applicant chooses a job:

i. Government

ii. Private

iii. Statutory body

iv. Self-employed

b. Applicants MUST fill in all fields displayed. The display can be referenced as below:

c. If the applicant chooses Employment as a Retiree, the applicant only required to fill in the fields:

i. Total gross income (Monthly)

ii. Period of work / study / residency in the Federal Territory

d. Refer to the picture below:

e. If the applicant chooses a job as a student, the applicant REQUIRED to fill in details such as:

i. The name of the place of study

ii. The address of the place of study

iii. Period of work / study / residency in the Federal Territory

f. Refer to the picture below:

g. If the applicant chooses the job as not working, the applicant no need to fill in job -related information.

h. Refer to the picture below:

i. Click ‘Save and Continue’ when you have completed the job information.

3.3. Couple

a. If the applicant fills in the marital status in personal details, the wedding tab will be displayed and the applicant MUST fill in the information couple.

b. Reminder if there is a * symbol in the profile field, you MUST fill in the information (MANDATORY). Although however, if the * sign is not displayed, you are allowed to clear that information if not applicable.

c. Refer to the picture below:

d. If the applicant chooses citizenship for the spouse is Citizens, a spouse’s identity card field will be displayed to be filled. However, if the applicant chooses not citizen, passport field will be displayed.

e. In the Current Residential Address section, if the spouse lives together, the applicant can directly click the ‘Address same as address’ checkbox applicants’ and the system will copy the address as filled in by previous applicant.

f. However, if the address is different, the applicant MUST fill in the address couple as requested.

3.4. Couples Work a. The job information display is displayed. If the Spouse chooses occupation:

i. Government

ii. Private

iii. Statutory body

iv. Self-employed

b. Applicants MUST fill in all fields displayed. Display can be referred to as below:

c. If the applicant chooses Spouse Employment as a Retiree, applicants are only required to fill in the fields:

i. Total gross income (Monthly)

ii. Period of work / study / residency in the Federal Territory

d. Refer to the picture below:

e. If the applicant chooses a spouse’s job as a student, the applicant is REQUIRED to fill in details such as:

i. The name of the place of study

ii. The address of the place of study

iii. Period of work / study / residency in the Federal Territory

f. Refer to the picture below:

g. If the applicant chooses the spouse’s job as unemployed, the applicant does not need to fill in job -related information. h. Refer to the picture below:

i. Click ‘Save and Continue’ when you have completed the job information couple.

3.5. Son

a. Applicants MUST fill in all fields for child information if choosing to have children on the personal application form.

b. Date of birth and age information will be generated automatically based on MYKID information.

c. If the applicant’s child is less than a year old, the system will display information LESS THAN 1 YEAR. But if more from a year, the system will display the age by year.

d. Refer to the picture below:

e. If the applicant has more than one child, the applicant can add child information by pressing the Add Child button in the upper right.

f. Refer to the picture below:

j. Fill in the information for the second child as applied to the child first. If the depressed applicant accidentally adds a child, the applicant can delete by pressing the delete button as is shown in the image below.

k. Repeat this step if the child is more than one. After done, press the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

3.6. Property Details

a. The applicant MUST confirm the details of the property. If the applicant choose no, no property detail information is displayed and the applicant can press the ‘Save and Continue’ button to continue the application.

b. Refer to the picture below.

c. However if the applicant selects YES in the property details, the applicant must select the type of residence and residential address. Refer to the picture below.

d. If the applicant has more than one residence, the applicant can press the Add button as pictured below.

e. If the applicant mistakenly presses the Add button, the applicant can delete the relevant information as shown in the picture in down. Upon completion, the applicant needs to press the ‘Save and’ button Proceed ‘.

3.7. Other information

a. Applicants are REQUIRED to fill in the status of occupied residence now as well as rental rates if renting/quarters.

b. If the applicant does not pay the rental rate, the applicant must enter a value of 0.00 or ignore the ‘If renting/quarters’ field state the monthly rent (RM) ‘.

c. Upon completion, the applicant will need to press the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

3.8. Validation

a. Once the applicant fills in all the required information, the display application confirmation will be displayed.

b. Applicants MUST read all the information filled. If no problem, the applicant needs to press the confirm checkbox the request made is correct.

c. Applicants will need to press the ‘Confirm’ button to complete the update profile.


a. Browse the Regional Residence Portal by entering the following URL address at web browser:

b. Click Login.

c. On the login page, users are required to enter the Identity Card number and Password that have been set during registration.

d. The user profile will be displayed. Click on the project menu or information has green text marked in red.

4.1. Project Filtering

a. Applicants can filter projects by entering a project name search, residency location and project status.

b. Applicants should press for any project of interest. Only ONE only applications can be made in each application.

4.2. Apply for a Project

a. Detailed information for the selected project will be displayed. Applicants need to read all the information related to the project before pressing project request button.

b. Applicants can also download the brochure by pressing the download button download the brochure as shown in the picture above.

c. If the applicant is really interested, then he can apply for the project by pressing the Apply This Project button.

d. Applicants can select the desired type of residential category. As for example, select Type B.

e. After pressing the residence option, the selection display will change to color green and only then can the applicant press the Apply For This Residence button.

f. Once the application is made, the status of the project applied for will change to incomplete and applicants need to upload documents prior to the process the application becomes complete.


a. Browse the Regional Residence Portal by entering the following URL address at web browser:

b. Click Login.

c. On the login page, users are required to enter the Card No. Identification and Password that have been set during registration.

d. On the Applicant Dashboard page, applicants can view projects that have been applied with an ‘Incomplete Application Status’ warning.

e. Under the application status, click the ‘Click here to upload’ link document. ‘You can also click on the’ Upload Document ‘link in the side menu.

f. Press ‘Choose File’ for any document in the list.

g. Select any file in a format other than jpeg, png, or pdf (example: file formatted .docx). Then, click the Save button.

h. On any document, click the ‘Show’ button.

i. On any document, click the ‘Download’ button if you want to download document or delete to delete it.

j. Re -upload the deleted file in step

4.7. Then, click on box ‘I confirm all documents uploaded are correct. I can be prosecuted and fined if the information provided is fake. And all my applications can be withdrawn or canceled. ‘ Next, click the Confirm button.

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Pros & Cons in Buying a RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah


1) Low Upfront

  • Most of the RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah buyers are first time house buyer which is eligible to apply for My First Home Scheme which is 110% financing for the first home provided applicant salary is RM 5,000 and below, which the regulation Bank Islam and MBSB can DISREGARD (if they were in the panel for the project). The Full Stamp Duty Exemption will last until 31 December 2025, so the question is will you need to pay for the S&P Agreement & the loan disbursement charges to the lawyer? If it is free, you are basically paying nothing upfront to get your first house!

2) Low Monthly Payment

  • The monthly payment of the RM 300,000 for 35 years based on the interest rates of 3.05% is RM 1162.94. When you include the MRTA or MLTA, it add up to RM 1200-1300. The average maintenance fee will be RM 250. We are talking about the average of RM 1550 monthly to own a brand new house which renting a 3 bedroom 2 bathrom condominium will easily cost as much as this!

3) Demographic

  • Many dream to have their landed dream home, prime location, gated and guarded but reality is few can afford one. The next best thing is to have a minimum 2 to 3 tier security in a condominium with like minded people. RUMAWIP or Residensi Wilayah occupants are all Malaysians, at least for the first 7 years after hand over.

4) Urban Area

  • Compared to many Government Initiative, RUMAWIP or Residensi Wilayah is always located in the urban area, Wilayah Persekutuan. It is never situated in Bangi, Serdang or Kajang which is truly far away from where the job opportunities are.

5) Basic Condo Facilities

  • One of the requirement for RUMAWIP or Residensi Wilayah is to have basic condominium facilities but is is NOT compulsory to have a gym or a swimming pool. The fact is due to the fierce competition between property developers, MOST RMP OR RW usually have either a swimming pool or a gym and often include both.

6) Recession & Capital Appreciation

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the typical Malaysian investing mindset of buying a nice mid range property and flip in after 10 years to earn from the capital appreciation is really risky. Renting is actually a good option but was never an asian way to start a family. So buying this RM 300,000 project can be the next best thing because if you are not staying in it, you can rent it out legally (to Malaysians within 10 years after S&P stamped) to cover your monthly payment or partially wouldn’t be too bad.

7) Rental Income as Backup Plan

  • An experience investor once taught, to buy where you want to invest but rent where you want to stay! There is wisdom in this saying but sadly not many understand the logic of it. The reason for this saying is , you may not want to stay where you buy in the future due to change of jobs, spouse preference, children’s school location and etc. As for owning a RMW / RW, you may even earn a profit from your rental income if the location of your property’s demand is high, just in case you regret your purchase. Room rental is another option as you only have one parking space (normally), tenants who opt for room have higher chance to ride a motorbike.

8) Relax Regulations

  • One must not own a property in Wilayah Persekutuan in order to purchase a RMW / RW! But do you know if you inherited a property in Wilayah Persekutuan from your parents, YOU’RE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR A RUMAWIP / RESIDENSI WILAYAH PROJECT LEGALLY!


  • After the rebranding to Residensi Wilayah, Quality Assessment System for Building Construction Works or QLASSIC by CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) is compulsory for all RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah Project. This put a limit on many cost cutting action the property developer can take and guarantee an acceptable standard on the project itself.

10) Only for Government Servant (LPPSA & Bank Islam)

  • Many government servant opt to purchase a RMW/RW due to the attractiveness of the package; by using LPPSA (Lembaga Pembiayaan Perumahan Sektor Awam). Due to the nature of the pricing of this government initiative, RM 300,000 or below ; public servant on the lower side of income can easily get the approval for the housing loan and plus Bank Islam is able to top up the remaining sum if the LPPSA fail to grant the full amount (subject to T&C).

11) Quota

  • The normal quota is 50% Bumi quota & 50% Non Bumi quota. Chinese generally prefer high floor (for the pleasant view) and the number 8 (means prosperity) & the Malay race generally low floor (in case of emergency, lift breakdown & etc) and the number 4 (symbol for a relax life, shaking the leg but for the Chinese 4 is “sei” which means death). On the day of selection of unit, it’s rarely occur the conflict of interest between races. The Indian race is more complicated which include “number calculation” which I have yet understand, but they prefer facing East usually.


1) Bare Unit

  • The RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah unit need a lot of renovation. Firstly you are provided two A/C supply (Master Bedroom & Living Hall), there you need to add two more into Bedroom 2 & 3. After you have to purchase 4 Air Conditioner. The kitchen sink provided it the basic metal type which most Malaysian would love to replace accompanied with a kitchen cabinet. As for the two toilet, you are provided with one power supply for the water heater which means you need to add on another for the second toilet unless your kids don’t mind to take a cold shower all the time. After this, you will have to purchase two water heater preferably with a pump to make guarantee good water pressure. When all the electrical done, you will need to install a plaster ceiling to cover up all the wiring works. Then we move to purchasing the down lights, furniture and etc. Your move in cost is at least RM 10,000 minimum.

2) Parking Lot

  • You are given one parking lot. You may have two cars and to purchase the second parking lot is subject to availability of the particular RMW/RW project. As most of the project is RM 300,000, and the policy states that this is the ceiling price; you can’t finance this into the housing loan which leave you with two choice. Your own cash reserve or withdraw from EPF account 2 if you have it. The average price is from RM 15,000 to RM 18,000, and please take note all all RMW/RW (now known as Residensi Wilayah Keluarga Malaysia) offers the option for extra parking lot.

3) Road Congestion

  • Most RMW/RW buyer will only have one parking lot. Do imagine the road outside your future residence!

4) Room Rental (Future)

  • Due to the pandemic which will result in probably the biggest recession the world have seen, room rental maybe a popular choice for many due to the financial constrain. If you opt to rent out your unit, firstly you most probably can market to bikers due to the lack of parking space and you are NOT allow to rent out to foreigners. Client in this segment probably require serious screening.

5) Slow Moving

  • Due to the nature of higher density compared to a normal residential project, when you opt to rent it out; generally it will take a longer time. Especially if the project is a mix development with another higher range condominium which is common. That is one way how the developer gets the land by offering to build an affordable housing project like RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah.

6) Size

  • The new regulation states that the size should be 900 sqft to 1000 sqft. Most project available till now was probably approve before this new policy kicks in. The average size for all RMW/RW is 850 sqft which is consider really small for a family.

7) House Flipping

  • You can only sell the property 10 years after your S&P is stamped.

8) Progressive Payment

  • You start paying within months after your purchase. The amount will gradually go up when the construction progress, it may be low but it is still something you have to consider. There is NO DISCOUNT (NORMALLY) for RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah projects as it is always sold below market value.

9) Recession & Divorce

  • This recession will result in rise in divorce cases. If this happen in first ten years after signing S&P, your only option is to rent it out. It will be a real unpleasant experience when you are not able to just sell off the property.


  • The prime location for RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah project is like a MEGA SALE. Certain location like Bangsar South, Bukit Jalil, Jalan Kelang Lama, Cheras or Kepong can be sold out within weeks, you don’t have the luxury to take your time to think about it. By subscribing to the update HERE you have a better chance to stay ahead.


Due to the pandemic, the margin of profit for a project is reduce significantly. A residential project profit margin is average at 30% and taking in consideration at in 2020 there is only 4.1% our of all new residential property is QLASSIC certified, we can conclude that a RUMAWIP or Residensi Wilayah project will be the best deal in the market as developer WILL NOT HESITATE to cut the cost of construction on all projects mainly on those projects which did not apply for the Quality Assessment System for Building Construction Works or QLASSIC by CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board). The compulsion for all RUMAWIP or Residensi Wilayah to obtain QLASSIC Certification should be the deciding factor over choosing property that is RM 400,000 – RM 500,000 (may not be QLASSIC Certified) which may not guarantee the bang for the bucks! No RUMAWIP / Residensi Wilayah developer would want to have a project scoring low in QLASSIC in their track record.

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